I Won!!! Caller 15 Staycation

Have you ever wondered if people ever get through on the radio station when all you ever hear is a busy signal?  When I heard the DJ pick up the phone and say you’ve won a Two Night Staycation to Naples Florida I was ecstatic, the screams of excitement he heard were not fake after many days and times of dialing to finally get through.   What a win this was.  We had a two night stay at the Inn on 5Th, Naples Florida.  The hotel actually upgraded our stay to a balcony overlooking Fifth Ave, the hub of activity in Naples Florida.  The hotel is just a short six block walk to the beach.  Along the way are many upscale shops and some awesome restaurants (not chain restaurants)

https://www.innonfifth.com  (Here is their website)



Walking to the beach that evening we were rewarded with an amazing sunset.  To the West the sun was dropping into the ocean like a fiery orange ball and to the East the sky had a purple haze.   I caught the wonderment of young boy watching the colorful canvas of the sun setting.



Above is a fisherman feeding the Egret his left over bait.  The Egret patiently awaits a free handout


A pelican under the Naples Pier, part of the pier is under construction after Hurricane Irma made a section of the pier not usable.

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