Green Springs my Zenful Staycation Getaway

Ever need to just getaway from all the noise we have created in our lives?  Iphone beeping , tv blaring, door bell ringing.   To keep myself limber and healthy, I love to walk and practice yoga. Not only does it keep me focused on a healthier lifestyle at home, but makes my adventures around the world easier. Who wants to feel tired, sore and exhausted after exploring new paths on my adventures traveling. Exercising daily helps prevent over achieving while exploring, sometimes.    My favorite zenful getaway is walking the trail leading to Green Springs in Enterprise Florida.   The pictures below are mine taken at different times of the year to capture  the different colors of the sulfer water at different angles and times of the year.    If you are even near this area,  please take time to visit the untouched beautiful Florida.  Back in the old days they believed the water had medicinal healing powers.  If no one is looking dip your feet in, swimming not allowed now.  #namaste   Thanks for reading and please give me a like.  img_8929



Above turtle sunning himself and some different angles


via Green Springs Visions

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