Closest Living Relative Believe it or not to the African Elephant is the little “Dassie”

Flashback to trip last September to South Africa.  We were glad our delayed plane flight, over twenty fours hours,  did not cut out our unbelievable trip up to the top of Table Mountain.  Be prepared to wait at least an hour to take the rotating Cable Car to the top.   Once on top of Table Mountain the ocean and view of Cape Town below is captivating. Don’t be so enthralled looking at the view that you miss seeing the small “Dassie” rats.  They are usually in groups, nestled by the edge of mountain as you look down.  Our guide told us they are the closest living relative to African Elephant.  Who would think?  I had to google it once I got home.     Below is a picture of both to compare and contrast.   The Elephants were seen on our Chobe Safari adventure, not Table Mountain.

Below is the Rotating cable car going up to top of Table Mountain & one view at the top

I hadn’t posted in awhile, but in the fall will have many pictures of my trip to Peru and Santorini Greece. Make sure you google to find out more about the Dassie’s too, amazing!!

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