While walking at Gemini Springs I was alarmed at how this three-legged gator came right up to me.  He or she (didn’t get close enough to see) was looking up at me either out of curiosity or someone had been feeding him.  I’m hoping it was not the latter.  For one thing it is illegal to feed these wild reptiles and many times they have attacked and killed innocent children, dogs or the dog owners protecting their pet.

While I don’t believe it is illegal to feed a squirrel (many seniors in Florida I’m sure would be arrested as they feed them daily) you should be careful as these are also a wild animal and will bite.

If you would like to hike, picnic, see a sink hole, or a 3 legged gator Gemini Springs park is free to visit.  Please visit their website for more info.

Give me your input or knowledge too in the comments below if you think the gator lost his leg or was born this way?  Actually I thought I saw the gator had toes on the stump, but even zooming in with my Iphone wasn’t able to capture them?

Thanks for stopping by, just wanted to do a quick post.  Peru trip is just around the corner, so many future posts coming!

Gemini Springs Park  Debary FL  32713


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