Goat Yoga – So Much Fun (no kidding)


Two years ago at my local gym I walked into a yoga class.  My biggest fear was looking stupid and not being able to keep up. My yoga teacher told me to be patient with my body and keep my attention focused on my own mat.  While I have always been active, light weights, spinning, walking I never really took the time to stretch afterwards.   The improvement in my overall health and outward attitude towards life is amazing.

Looking at pics on Instagram I noticed and kept reading goat yoga was really becoming popular.  Finally, goat yoga came to our area and my friend won a contest on Facebook from the Sanford 365 site. What a Christmas present and way to end my year.  The owners of this Goat Yoga event were very friendly, explained what to expect and took the pictures above.  The little goats were adorable and their little paw’s climbing on your back in Child’s Pose gave you a little massage. Although,  focusing on my practice was a little difficult at times with all the goat love.

If you are hesitating to try it, at least do it once! It is so much fun! (No Kidding)  Next on my yoga check list is beach yoga. Let me know some of your bucket list items in the comments below.


Below is a link to another Goat Yoga Blogging about it

via Asana today, asada tomorrow? Goat yoga comes to Austin


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