Suited for Snorkeling

Yes, I was the only one percent who failed the Scuba Class.  I passed the written exam with ease.   Practiced squeezing myself into the tight wet suit quickly, so I wouldn’t look like a fool, then embarrassed myself by almost drowning in the YMCA pool.   We suited up, had lots of instruction on hand signals, what to do once in the pool etc.  My first problem was I didn’t sink to the bottom of the pool after they put enough weights on me to sink a 300 lb. person.  Once I sunk,  we started swimming along the bottom of the pool and I thought to myself this is really cool I’m under the water breathing.  Suddenly a stabbing sharp pain happened in my ear.  I signaled to the instructor I was going up, but as I was rising the pain became so intense I grabbed my ear. When I grabbed my ear I knocked the regulator out of my mouth, sucked in a bunch of water to my lungs and in survivor mode I started kicking my arms and legs frantically.  My lungs started to fill with water and I remember looking at the top of the pool thinking this was the end.   Next thing I knew the assistant instructor was alongside me, put the regulator back in my mouth, cleared my lungs by breathing into the regulator and finished going to the top.  That was the end of my lesson.  After a year of doctor appointments for my ear,  because I didn’t equalize I decided to stay above the water.   Also, I found something small on my body, my ear canals.

I went through this whole story above to get to the main reason I decided to blog about this.  I found this really cool full face Snorkel Mask made by Aria.  Basically,  it works really well for people who don’t like to breathe through their mouth like the normal snorkel masks.  Your breath comes out naturally through the dry top.  The dry top prevents water from getting in the mask.  The best part of the mask is the wide field of vision and no fogging either!   Plus, with my hair always in the way this mask was much easier to put on.  The only downside is you can not dive under the water with it, which is not a problem for me since I stay above the water now.  The other problem is talking, but you can buy an attachment to clip on like walkie talkies to talk to each other.  It is equipped with a dock you can purchase to put your Go Pro on the dry top

I’ve only used it once in Aruba, so when we go to Jamaica next month I hope to give it another try!  Please let me know some cool places to Snorkel too in the comments below?

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