Tee-totaler Not Any More – Drinking Vino Globally

Up until about my mid-forties I was a tee-totaler and abstained from Alcohol TOTALLY.  I was afraid I would have inherited alcoholism from past generations of my family tree.    I’m now making up for lost time, overcame my fears, drinking my way around the world.  Personally, I feel the benefits of drinking moderate amounts of wine have helped me reduce my blood pressure, relieve stress and a great way to relax at the end of day!   How many of you can relate?


These are just a few pics. *note hold cursor over each pic to see where I’m at*     While I have enjoyed a glass of wine in a lot more Countries I failed to take a picture, this was before Instagram was born.

                   *** NEW MOTTO:   DRINKS WELL WITH OTHERS   ****


Leave some comment   of wineries I should add to bucket list next……. Hurry before I nod off with a glass of wine at home in my hand





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