“Dumbo” the Movie reminded me of “Domo” Elephant Safari

Watching the Movie “Dumbo” directed by Tim Burton brought back memories of a trip to Africa in Zimbabwe several years ago.  We opted to do an Elephant Safari Tour booked by Roseborough Travel/Salute Africa.  While I know many of the elephants have been mistreated in captivity,  we were assured part of our money spent went to preservation of the elephants and many of the elephants were rescued from poachers.

On Safari once mounting the gentle beast “Domo”  I realized if the elephant was truly unhappy he could crush or dismount us in a moment slinging us around like a yo-yo while we were taking our ride through the fenced Safari compound.   I know,  it’s a sad world when we have to fence in elephants and other animals in reserves in order to protect them from humans.  Is it right? NO?  Is it wrong? Maybe?  In order to learn and protect certain species we need to observe their habits, help with breeding and make sure they are fed so starvation doesn’t occur.  It’s really a shame.

I won’t spoil the movie “Dumbo” in case you have not seen it, but looking at the tear in Dumbo’s eye as he was separated from his mother reminded me of looking into “Domo” eyes.  They say the eyes are the window to the soul and in elephants I believe this is true.  These giant pre-historic beasts have the same feelings we do as humans.  These elephants in our Safari/reserve seemed to be very happy, receiving special treats and letting us ride them.  After their daily ride they are released to roam free in a very large reserve for their protection;  unlike some zoo’s and what’s left of circus elephants who were housed in cramped spaces.

As a child I enjoyed going to the circus yearly and watching the animals perform, I didn’t realize how some circuses mistreated them.  So sad.  While children are missing out on the experience I don’t feel it was in these large animals, elephants,  best interest.  Think about this,  is it right that we have domestic dogs and cats in captivity for our enjoyment? Would they rather be wild and run free?  Personally,  I have had both an indoor cat and several outdoor cats.  I must say the outdoor cats were healthier and appeared happier. They were doing what outdoor cats do roaming, hunting, howling and being habitually nocturnal.  My indoor cat day was spent eating, being pet and going to the litter box.  Which is the better life?

Spoiler Alert:  Tell me what you think about the movie Dumbo?  Does the villain in the movie “Dumbo” remind you of our “Leader” in the United States.  I think “Tim Burton” made it intentional with the Hair Do and other things.

Overall, I thought it was a Great movie!

Please give me your thoughts on animal captivity, animal rides (elephants, camels)  below?   Pros and Cons Please?

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