Not Your Sleepy Ghost Town – Denver Colorado

Winning a trip from the Blue Moon Brewery to Denver, Colorado I thought to myself what is there to do in Denver?  Boy was I pleasantly surprised.  Denver has really stepped up their Foodie scene.  In the Denver Union Station alone there are two James Beard Restaurant winners, not to mention many other fabulous restaurant/bars in the Denver downtown area and RiNo district. Any food craving you have can be satisfied here; from casual dining, farm to table, get it to go,  the choices were endless.  What a great place Denver’s Union Station to wait for a connecting train or ride to the airport too.  Plenty of stuff to do while waiting, games to play, bars to drink, restaurants, home made ice cream, shopping just to name a few things. The real sweet bonus is it’s a great place to people watch.    While Denver still has a homeless problem, like many cities in the United States, I never felt uncomfortable walking around the city or at Union Station.

One of our favorite breakfast places to eat breakfast/brunch was “Snooze” diner located in Union Station.  Be prepared to wait during busy times, anywhere from one to two hours.   The choices for breakfast/brunch are endless.  I can still taste how sweet and fresh the fruit was.  Yummy.  The specialty morning/brunch drinks are hand prepared too, something for everyone’s taste bud.

While we were in Denver we decided to take in a baseball game too, unfortunately, the Colorado Rockies lost. My significant other is on a mission to see all the baseball parks in the United States, he’s about half way through.  He knocked off another park off his bucket list on this trip. When touring the Blue Moon Brewery we were told that the SandLot Brewery was the first full Brewery to be in a Major League Baseball park, Coors Field.   

The trip would not have been complete without a trip to Brewery provided by our sponsor of the trip, in fact, we had a VIP tasting one of every beer on the menu.  I must say I was a little tipsy afterwards.  After the tasting, we stayed at the facility and had a flight of beer to sample even more of their brew and a bite to eat.   At the bartenders  suggestion we mixed the Iced coffee beer and Mexican Chocolate, so good, too. It tasted like a mix of coffee, chocolate and beer.  Too bad it is not in our area yet ):

The trip I won included airfare, 2 nights Westin hotel with room view of Rocky Mountains, spending cash, Vip tasting at Blue Moon Brewery and walking tour of Denver’s RiNO district. The RiNo walking tour included farm to table fresh brunch and more beer sampling.  The RiNO district has so many breweries, restaurants and murals painted on the sides of buildings, they have really become a trendy hangout for locals or visitors.   Denver is hosting a Crush festival yearly, with the urban art painted on the walls of buildings, which draws a lot of people to the area   It was quite interesting to see the different and creativity of the artists murals painted on the walls. The murals are a lot nicer than the former street graffiti.   Before visiting Denver, I probably would not have booked a trip there, but now I feel Denver is a really trendy hip town and a great place to stay if you are planning a trip to the Rocky Mountain National Park or just take in a baseball game!   That is what I love about my hobby winning trips and doing things that I would not normally experience.

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