Usually I like to write my blogs about my travel adventures, but in order to travel comfortably I need to stay healthy.    Like my Dad always used to say “If you don’t have your health, you do not have anything”  Now that I am aging I can understand what he meant.  Money, things really don’t matter if you are not feeling well enough or on this planet to enjoy them.  My Weight loss has been a real journey, decreasing my weight slowly, very slowly over the years.  Why do I care about my weight?

  •   Don’t want to look fat in Instagram pictures
  •   Want to explore more off the beaten track
  •    Spend my money on traveling, not doctor visits & medicine
  •   Live to see another sunset!
  •   Travel to every continent (made 5 so far)

Why I did decide to write about all this?  I am so excited when I donated blood, not fasting mind you, my cholesterol was down to 214.  I know that’s not perfect, but for me it’s awesome.  I’ve always been around 220 and all of a sudden I spiked to 257, blame menopause.   My Doc has been waiving cholesterol medicine at me for years and I have refused.  Medicine has almost killed me in the past.  How did I do it?  Cutting red meat, exercising 30 active minutes per day, yoga, reducing stress by not working and enjoying life traveling.  The biggie I think was taking Nature Made CholestOff made with plant sterols,  I think that is the secret.  No I am not a sponsor or influencer for Nature Made.

This is the girl who in the picture below weighed about 50lbs heavier and prompted me to lose weight I still can’t believe when I went to an all-inclusive resort I ate ONE of every dessert for dinner.   Ugh!!!   Can’t even get through one now. The last picture is me the same weight as previous year, 2017,  but adding yoga to my routine.


Soon I will post a 2019 pic.  My old yoga instructor retired, so I am starting with a new yoga program.    Might I  get there a little faster without that nightly glass of wine, probably, but no I’m not giving up my glass of red wine. I feel my blood pressure has reduced from drinking the nightly glass of red wine.  So that being said!    I will keep the Motto  “Plank Now, Wine Later”  in my workout routine!

Feel free to give me some helpful tips, encouragement towards my new goals in 2019 in the comments below


*Note all opinions and thoughts are my own.  I’m not paid by anyone to write this, this is my own personal blog*

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