Personal Growth & Goals

Glancing up at the Blue Moon,  which was not anywhere near that color, made me think about where my life has gone, where it is going and what I want to achieve before I part this earth. We happened to be touring Washington DC when I took this picture at night on May 2019.   While I still have a ways to go on my photography skills and a lot of other things I feel I am improving.

Wandering through the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History in Washington Dc reminds me that nothing is permanent on this Earth.  Life can be very short and change in an instant.  Humans could be extinct like the dinosaurs at any given moment, although I feel some of us will survive or some creatures just as in the past.  Another thought crossed my mind,  have we really explored all the planets to find other forms of life out there?  I’m sure there is something we have missed?

How does this relate to my personal growth?  While I’m happy with the way my life has gone, am I now just floating along till the end?  Do I need to put a little more  effort in to really obtain what I love to do? Traveling is my love & passion!   I know what I really want to do the next ten years of my life and I will keep traveling until I’m too tired. When I am too tired to travel I will be content sit in my rocking chair and feel like yep I really enjoyed my life!

My Personal goal this year is to finish cleaning up my house, getting rid of things I don’t need and planning on moving into a smaller house or condo.  After all, do I really need need 2,000 square feet of living space, pool and half acre of land to support and take care of for ONE person.   NO!   While I haven’t made my decision yet on where to move, I’m leaning towards an off beach side condo, close enough to walk to the ocean, because I  can’t afford  directly on the ocean?  Long Exhale!  Adult mobile home park?   Thinking back to my happiest time,  was  when I lived in a small travel trailer in a park. It had a pool which someone else pours chemicals, money into and cleans.   I didn’t have many things then, but I wasn’t tied to responsibilities either.

While I may curtail the rest of this year traveling. Ha! Ha!   Need to pause traveling to move to, sell home, getting prepared to circle the moon  and truly follow my dreams.

****Please list any pro’s and con’s in the comment section below to help me decide where to move?  Mobile Home, condo, smaller house beach side ***

*All the thoughts, blogging are my own but obtained some info from the link below.  This is a collaborative post*

4 thoughts on “Personal Growth & Goals

  1. We live in Florida a trailer you have to evacuate for every storm. A condo they take care of stuff for you but you have to pay maintenance on it . Maybe a tiny house in a beach side community – the house is yours , lot is small, bills are small and go to the beach on your terms Which ever way you decide it is all your choice!!

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  2. You are facing a big milestone in your life. I feel certain you will know what is “right” when you start looking. Go with your feelings and you will make the right choice.

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