My Morning Commute

After 32 years of taxing government work, the first Monday after retiring I woke up and my first thought was “I’m alive”.  How many people do you know that have worked till they died or retired then died shortly after?   It’s hard to believe I am going on six years of joyful retirement now.  My morning commute is filled with exercise, creating endorphins, and not rushing off to work in the morning for a long day of stress.  Before retiring, another typical morning of work day stress was rearranging schedules to fill the gap of employees not showing up. Then through out the day dealing with employees who did not want to be there.  Now I am on my own schedule with no one to take care of except myself.

Jokingly,  I tell people after 32 years of service I received my FIRST and my LAST written reprimand!  I talked to personnel the next day after the reprimand asking them how soon can I break free. Two weeks was personnel’s answer.  So I went in the next day and slapped my resignation on my boss’s desk.  Best thing I ever did!  Sure I should have saved a little more, planned a little better, but accumulating things does not matter to me any more.  I’ve done the job, the house, the marriage, and now I’m free to do what I want.  I’m still working on my last phase, cleaning out memories and down sizing so I can do what I am passionate about.  You all know what I am passionate about, traveling more.  Creating experiences, memories and living as stress free as possible.

So when I am not exploring and wandering the planet, you can find me out most mornings walking the trails to stay happy, healthy, and to create longevity!

How is your morning commute going?   Do you ever regret the decisions that you have made or are you happy with the decisions you made in the past?   I don’t regret any of the years spent playing house and working. I consider myself very fortunate to be in the situation I’m in.  I just knew I wouldn’t be here now if I had stayed a day longer in the 8am-6pm stressful work week.

I took the picture below at the Smithsonian Museum in Washington DC and this is what they thought about tax collector’s in the old days!  Guess a written reprimand isn’t quite as bad Ha! Ha!


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