If you are like me with a severe case of the wanderlust and live to travel, then the digital lifestyle may be for you.  How would you like to work from home or anywhere in the world?  Your office would consist of your phone and laptop.  I’m still not totally a digital nomad as I still have a home base, but I can be ready to go on a trip with very little notice. I don’t have a 9 to 5 job where I need to ask for time off.  If you are wondering what type of work I do then you probably don’t know me too well.   I’m an early retiree who looks for opportunities to travel as inexpensively as possible.  Writing essays, taking pictures and surfing the web looking for sweepstakes to help me fund my journeys around the world is my daily job now.

While I post pictures of beautiful places on social media, making it look like the digital lifestyle is all play and no work, this misconception is very misleading.  Yes, I can do my work from anywhere, with a fast internet connection, but is the work I do really enticing you to join me or is it really never ending something not everyone is cut out to do?   I can never be far away from the dinging of my phone during the day telling me I have an incoming message with a possible trip pending. Consistently, through out the day I’m constantly checking my Email, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook for messages I need to respond too, the sponsors/promoters sometimes only give you several hours to reply. The only time I take a break from the never ending work is when I sleep or my yoga practice at the studio.  Sometimes even during the night I wake up to write down a thought or idea, so I can continue trying to sleep peacefully.  My mind is constantly thinking of how to make that picture stand out on social media to get noticed and selected as a winning entry.

After all the distractions and interruptions, is this lifestyle I have created for myself really worth all the hassles?  You bet!  The experiences and travels I have accomplished would not have been possible without winning the sweepstakes I have entered.  I certainly could not travel or have as much as I do on my meager pension.

How do you supplement your Digital Lifestyle? Amazon keeps bugging me to be an influencer, but I really don’t feel I have large enough following yet to be profitable? Comments below please ⬇️. I’m always looking for new ways to fund my travels.

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