10 Ways to de-stress waiting on Hurricane Dorian

Living in Florida has it’s perks, well, except during Hurricane Season.  Every year we go through the stress of preparing, waiting and the actual event.  Yes, it is very stressful!  So here is my list of Top 10 ways to de-stress

  • Prepare in advance, so you are not stressed when event happens.
  • If you have a well, have buckets of water ready to flush the toilet (I have a pool so  have a couple buckets ready in the house in advance)
  • Have lots of batteries for radio, so you can dance in the wind & rain!
  • Don’t forget NECESSARY hurricane supplies, plenty of varieties beer, wine and spirits for you and guests.
  • Dust off the Board Games for fun things to do in the dark.
  • Colorful candles for lights and making shadow puppet figures on the wall
  • Lots of unhealthy snacks that don’t need refrigeration to munch on for comfort food
  • Writing supplies to do old fashioned past times like puzzles, mailing a letter to a friend and tic-tac-toe games
  • Buy additional phones chargers to keep phone charged up to play off line games and finally be able to call or text friends when it’s over to tell them you are still alive.
  • Last but not least, exercise, meditate and send out positive thoughts for safe journey through the storm. 


    All joking aside, hurricanes are nothing to take lightly if you are in the path of one.  It is so sad to see what happened in the Bahama Islands.   I’m sending lots of positive thoughts their way.

    Hurricane Malibu

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