Weight gain – The Scales must be Wrong

Stepping on the scales this morning I wondered how my weight had crept back up again.  I had promised myself once I reached lifetime status for the “FOURTH” time following Weight Watchers that I would never go back to being fluffy (fat)  Now I am up 10 pounds from the original 25 pounds I lost on the program.

Joining Weight Watchers six years ago was the best thing I ever did.  Every week I would weigh in and be accountable for all the things I had eaten that week. If I stuck to the plan, tracked all my food, usually the scales would say I had lost a pound that week.  Towards the end of my weight loss journey and no matter what I ate or did the scales would be stubborn and not budge. This can be a normal process in healthy weight loss.   The reward with Weight Watchers is once you at your goal weight, according to the BMI chart,  you do not have to pay.  “Free”  is always a great word in my budget.  So, the way Weight Watchers works you must weigh within two pounds of your goal weight and weigh in at least once per month.  I neglected to do this, so I will need to lose the weight and pay to get my lifetime status back.

How did I gain the 10 pounds then!  Duh, I didn’t attend the monthly meetings.  Each month for the past two months I kept saying I will go back next month.  Add on a couple of trips, eating out, stress of pending hurricane and skipping a regular exercise program it all adds up to gaining weight.  By skipping a regular exercise program I mean 10,000 steps a day, yoga twice weekly and lifting light weights twice weekly.  While I have been exercising it has been cut in half.

Now what do I do?  Do I cancel Weight Watchers and admit defeat?  Do I try to lose the weight on my own? Losing weight on my own has never worked too well for me.

I’ve made bad decisions consistently on my eating habits, but I plan to get back on track!  What does on track mean to me?  Start back on my weekly meetings on Tuesdays, exercising more and  back on my journey to good health.  Paying Weight Watchers will cut into my travel budget a little more, but gaining weight could end up costing me more in the long run.  Besides I donated all my larger size clothing!

How do you conquer the middle age bulge? Comments and suggestions appreciated below.


6 thoughts on “Weight gain – The Scales must be Wrong

  1. My advice to any WW member is go to a weekly meeting. We are “food addicts”. We need the support from our fellow members at the meeting. This is a lifetime commitment and the result is a healthy body. Your goal is right in front of you-get back on program and TRACK. This does work if we work it. Lifetime member for 46 yesrs😍

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  2. Since returning from a cruise, I have all but cut out most bread from my diet. I still eat other carbs but I am not snacking as much and trying to add an extra day of exercise.
    I believe that being more mindful of what and how much I am eating has also worked in my favor. I am down 3 lbs. this month and fitting into my jeans from 2 years ago.

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    1. Mindful eating is the key. That’s why I like to track my food on WW app. Plus with WW I can have an alcoholic beverage but have to budget for. You look great by the way. I figured if I blogged about it or write it down I will start back again before it gets out of hand


  3. I like to do intermittent fasting and low carb. Look up Dr. Fung on YouTube. It’s too much insulin, which causes weight gain and diabetes – fasting levels it off. For me fasting cuts down my appetite and takes away my craving for sugar and carbs!


    1. Thanks for the info. I have tried fasting and it’s not for me I get migraines. I’ve gone back to WW and I’m already losing another 4 lbs or 2 weeks and I will be free again. I use their app, recipes daily. I can eat anything I want too within reason. Like my glass of wine at night. Lol


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