10 Things You Don’t Know about me.

Everyone is unique in looks, actions, and how they behave. Their habits or actions may seem a little more quirkier to others, but remember we are all unique.  Feel free to leave comments below, so I can get to know you better too!

  1. When watching TV I hum the jingles on the commercials without even knowing I am doing this.
  2. I’m a WW (Weight Watchers) member going on my 5th Lifetime status, guess I’m a food addict.
  3. I have hidden money when traveling in different coat pockets, purses and parts of my suitcase and  I forget the money is there.  Hiding the money helps me feel a little more secure in case I’m mugged.  While packing for the next trip I usually find the hidden money!    (an extra $20.00 always comes in handy)
  4. I take my empty wallet outside on a full moon and howl three times for luck!
  5. I spend a lot of time walking around the house looking for things I’ve just put down.   I find the item later in the strangest places.  Refrigerator, in a drawer or right on the bed in plain view!
  6. I have a travel drawer packed and re-stocked after a trip.  I’m always ready to go on a trip in a very short time
  7. In my 40’s overweight, overworked I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis and Fibromyalgia.  The Doctor said I would never get off medication.  I fired him and took charge of my own health.  I’ve never regretted it!
  8. I have a condition called “Tripophobia” – fear of not having any travel booked
  9. I inherited the Gene DRD4 – Wanderlust-  from my father
  10. The book “The Secret” is on the back of my commode.  I read the book and follow the inspirations everyday!

Ok……..  It’s your turn.  Comments below please!


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