Flat-Apartment living versus house

On a recent visit to Madrid, Spain as we were flying over the city looking down we noticed these bright colored buildings were dominating the city of Madrid.  Asking the local folks,  we discovered about about 65% of Spain’s population live in Flats, or what we in the USA call apartments.  Why?  Spaniards love to be social.  In the city center there were no shortages of hiking trails, parks and lots of outside activities to do.  In the evening after work the majority of Madrid’s population goes from bar to bar having drinks, tapas and socializing.  As American’s, we try to emulate them by having wine walks on weekends.  However, it’s not the same.

While visiting Madrid we took a tour to Segovia and Toledo for the day.  The tour bus took us out to the Countryside for about a two hour ride. Along the way we noticed how much land was undeveloped, because the majority of Spain’s population live in Flats in the city center.  Visiting different Countries I am always amazed at the differences in culture, food and just how much more advanced some Countries are than the US.

After that short trip, I realized just how much space I waste living alone in a house. My days and evenings are spent taking care of my home myself to save money, but I am really isolating myself from getting out and enjoying the company of others.  I, like many American’s, have bought into the idea of the American Dream, home ownership!

On our journey home our flight got in a little late, so we stopped at a Hyatt to spend the night.  Having a Hyatt credit, they decided to upgrade us to a two-bedroom apartment suite.   It’s no wonder visitors from other Countries are amazed at the size of our hotel rooms alone, compared to how small their living arrangements can be. Also, many  generations of families live in the same apartment!

Next year I am working on changing my lifestyle and getting out to enjoy what I want to do instead of what I need to do.  Downsizing to a condo is looking better everyday!

*** If you are from Spain please leave comments of the benefits of living in Flats?  I’m sure I have not even begun to think of every advantage *****





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