60th Birthday- Bucket list- Skydiving

Celebrating my 60th Birthday I needed to do something different besides having a cake that looks like its on fire from all the candles, so I chose Sky diving.   For me it’s a little hard to get an adrenaline rush after riding roller coasters, drag racing, Richard Petty driving experience and zip lining over the ocean.

Skydive in Deland has an excellent reputation and very qualified instructors.  From the start to the finish I felt like my life was in good hands with my experienced instructor. Suiting up the instructor gave me instructions on what to expect, but said he would repeat everything later as it was happening.

The moment of exhilaration had finally arrived and I was very excited in anticipation of what I was going to see and experience!  Several of us boarded the plane.  Some where free diving, one person was just staying on the plane and watching.  There were two of us doing a tandem jump. We were all seated on a long bench, with the instructor strapped behind us.   The plane reached an altitude of about 13,000 in about a 10 minutes.  When it was our turn to jump we scooted towards the door and I could feel the vacuum of air coming in through the open door.  The moment had a arrived.  I started to look down, but the instructor tilted my head back and reminded me to keep my legs bent to clear the plane successfully.  My life was now in the hands of the instructor strapped behind me and whoever had packed the parachute.  Now we were free falling.  The free fall actually took about 60 seconds, but felt like 10 seconds.  I expected to feel the gut wrenching feeling you get on the first decline on a roller coaster where you stomach does flip flops.  I didn’t feel anything free falling except I was freezing.  The photographer who was taking pictures of me had jumped ahead of me and started snapping pictures/videos.   Suddenly it was time to open the parachute.  When it opened we flipped over, according to the video, but I never felt it.  I did feel a jerking feeling on the harness and then all of a sudden we were gliding.  We had about a 5 minutes to glide over the scenic part of Deland.  We were floating above the birds flying and as high as the clouds.  It was the so beautiful and relaxing. Swoopware 0152.JPG

It all ended too soon with the return back to earth.  Upon landing I was instructed to behind my knees up to my chest.   My landing was very smooth, as soon as my feet touched the ground I stood up.

Anyone hesitant to try skydiving I hope I have convinced you to give it a shot!



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