Land of Luxury – View over Estuary

It’s been a crazy, busy few months, but the end result has been so worth it!   Moving from my “Money Pit” house to the condo was something I should have done years ago.  My significant other and I decided to sell both houses and move into a condo together. While it was hard trying to decide what junk to move with me, at the same time it was very liberating getting rid of things.  Stuff was crammed in closets that I hadn’t used or looked at in years, it was just holding me back. I had the luxury after selling my house of moving my stuff/junk to my significant others house.

Another quirky thing of this move was that the condo we purchased came fully furnished because the people that we bought it from had rented it out previously.  All we had to do was bring our personal items and move in. Between downsizing, combining two households and a fully furnished condo we now have six hair dryers, three sets of spices, loads of towels etc (you get the gist).   We are still discovering what the sellers of the condo left us as we purge our stuff, donate like crazy to the Goodwill and plan another huge yard sale at my significant others house.

A friend called this condo-type living like being in an “Ant Colony” previously.  This person seemed a little surprised when visiting by our view over the estuary,  spell binding sunsets and places you can retreat away from others when you desire.

My perks of condo living:

  • Everyone we meet in the elevator is happy, because they are living like we are on vacation.
  • My allergies seem to be improving cause no yard work or cutting the grass
  • More time to enjoy reading, shopping, cooking and walking on the beach. (can’t forget entering sweeps more)
  • I can walk to yoga now and trying out several other activities planned each month.
  • Watching the birds (vultures)  float over the estuary from our balcony
  • Walks on the beach everyday

Here is to living in the moment, staying present in the moment and creating lasting memories with my significant other in what time we have left.  It’s a shame you have to get old to create the lifestyle you desire!  Enjoy every moment of your journey along the way, cause things can change quickly.

Kudos to Haley Vezza for helping us go from just looking for a new place to live, to expediting the sale of my house, getting the price I wanted for my home and purchasing the condo of our dreams.  All completed during the Holidays and in less than two months.

Here is her link if you want to join me in paradise


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