Afraid to Travel – Nah

Planning a trip is exciting!   Researching about the area you plan to visit, actually picking a place, then booking it.   We booked a trip over a year ago to Cambodia and Vietnam.  A bucket list trip. We thought we had everything planned.  Typhoid shots, Hep A & Hep B series shots, I even did the Shingles shot & flu shot.  However, nothing prepared us for the Corona Virus Aka COVID-19.  With the many conflicting reports, opinions, no one really knows the real facts?  How it started, how it’s passed from person to person, who all is at risk?  There are a whole lot of speculation and theories.  Should we go?  Should we lose the money we paid already and play it safe at home?  We have travel insurance but if the CDC says it’s Okay to go I don’t think they will reimburse us if we stay home.

My conservative Doctor said go!!!  He is waiting to hear how wonderful it was.  His view was the same as mine.  When you consider how many people are in China the number of people infected is still a small amount.  Actually, the US has more reported cases than Cambodia and Vietnam combined right now.

So, if you don’t see pics appearing on my social media sites you will assume I went & became quarantined, died or decided to never return.

My favorite prediction is I don’t want to leave Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and decided I could collect my retirement pension in Vietnam.

What do you suggest?  Comments below please?  What is your theory?

6 thoughts on “Afraid to Travel – Nah

  1. GO – Enjoy !!I would go – I would bring Clorox wipes, lysol, the correct type mask along with gloves but would still go ( with a well stocked medicine kit). I would also mace anyone with lysol that sneezed on me. No matter where you travel or stay home you will still be around people who are sick , no matter what type of sick. Noro Virus on cruise ships, the FLU everywhere, TB is big in Vietnam and Cambodia.
    No matter where you go there is always something. You are a smart traveler. Being an intelligent traveler and always prepared , you will be in a better position than other travelers.
    Cant wait to see the pictures!!

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  2. I am just wrapping up my trip to Cambodia and Vietnam now. No issues at all relating to coronavirus over the past couple weeks, and the popular tourist sites are all uncrowded. We have met several other travellers in the same position as us, and they were all happy with their decision to go ahead with their trips. Enjoy!

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