Regretfully – Cancelling Bucket List Trip

Regretfully, we had to cancel our upcoming bucket list trip to Vietnam/Cambodia. A few of the trip highlights were going to be spending the night on a junk boat in Halong Bay,  visiting Ankgor Wat, the Killing Fields Museum, and cruising down the Mekong river on Amawaterways.  Watching the Coronavirus outbreaks and quarantines over the past few weeks have been stressful enough without heading into Southeast Asia in the midst of it all and no promise of returning soon.    Had our dream trip been a few weeks earlier, we would have gone happily, enjoying Angkor Wat without all the hordes of tourists.  Many of the large Chinese tour groups had been cancelled.

We received many different reactions from several different health care providers on our planned trip. Some said you only live once, GO!   My conservative Doctor said in relation to the amount of people infected, the number is very small considering the population of Asia.   His view was a few weeks before the CDC actually raised our flight  stopover to a Level 3 (non essential travel only)  I’m sure if I talked to him today his view would change as he relies on the for providing accurate information.   My significant other came down with Bronchitis (not contagious), but VA doctor signed order for him not to travel internationally right now.   Under normal circumstances  we would go, but with the panic of Coronavirus,  a cough or low grade fever could land us in quarantine.  Then another light bulb idea came on in my head. I finally realized we are both in our 60’s and now considered seniors. We are in that percentage of the population that could become seriously ill from the flu or Coronavirus.  Ugh!!!

Kudos to Amawaterways & our travel Agent Tiffany at Roseborough Travel for helping us reschedule our dream trip later this fall when everything should hopefully be settled down.  Vacation/traveling is to be enjoyed and to create lasting, pleasant memories. Not wondering if you leave the US will you ever come home.

My heart goes out to the people quarantined in hotels, cruise ships, people infected and all the wages/earnings lost due to quarantines.

I’m so happy too that we have always booked our trips through a reliable travel agency like Roseborough (link below)  and we always purchase travel insurance for a back up.  In this instance Amawaterways is allowing a cancellation & re-booking!


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