Finding Peace in a Chaotic World

Usually I like to write about my travels, but since the world is being confined to their homes I will now have to resort to other subjects.   For those of you who don’t know me I downsized and moved to a condo across from the beach in New Smyrna, Florida.  As lock down is inevitable and necessary in the US,  I will find it hard to complain about my quarantine.  Who could complain about taking daily walks on the beach, watching the birds landing in the estuary off our back balcony, amazing sunsets and working on my hobbies.

Self-care is important during these troubled times. Here are my ways of de-stressing and offering protection to myself & my loved ones.

  • Only turn on the news ONCE daily to keep up with what is changing constantly.
  • Watch only streaming channels to get away from it.  Even watching the local channels they have scrolling along the bottom a reminder of what is happening now in the world.
  • Get creative by finishing that project that you have always wanted to do but don’t have the time.  I’m practicing my photography skills, editing videos, organizing pictures from prior trips  …..   Everyone has something they have put off?
  • Talk to loved ones daily. Learn to communicate  by Face time, phone or chat on Facebook messenger, so we don’t spread this virus any more than it has.
  • Try a new recipe with the stockpile of food we have.  Get creative with beans & rice. I’m working on more Vegan meals  (better for me and the animals)
  • Listen to Podcasts (no commercial breaks or breaking news)
  • With all my classes, gyms being closed I’m still exercising daily.  Getting my 10,000 steps in and practicing yoga.  No excuses, with all the You Tube Videos out there.
  • If you can get out and enjoy nature.   Just take a moment to relax, breathe and  appreciate the little things. Meditate and be grateful for what we have now.  Someone else is always worse off than you.

If we really listen to the lock down procedural guidelines by the CDC this will all be over soon.  Our lives will be forever changed by this, but as Gloria Gaynor says “We Will Survive”

*** Tip***  I learned from someone else I wanted to share.  The grocery stores are running out of hand sanitizer to wipe the grocery carts down.  I have a stockpile of Clorox wipes, so I take them out of the container and put in a sandwich baggy.  I put it in my purse and use them to wipe the grocery cart down and my hands.  ***

Please feel free to put your tips comments below?  Ways to keep healthy, but active?  Tips for staying healthy etc.





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