People are like Sea Shells on the Beach

Walking on the beach this morning and looking at the collection of sea shells I realized a similarity between humans & sea shells.  How could I compare people to sea shells?  Just like people sea shells come in different sizes, shapes, colors and all have a story to tell.  Some of the sea shells are close to perfect while others are broken.  There is nothing wrong with a broken sea shell or a broken person, they are just unique.  In fact,  I prefer to collect the broken sea shell.  Looking at this sea shell’s cracked edges or jagged edges reminds me of a person whose journey in life has had some trials or tribulations, but they have survived.  The beach shore is just a melting pot of different types of sea shells just like the World is a melting pot of all types of people.  However, unlike the sea shells if we don’t enforce social distancing humans will not survive while the sea shells will continue their journey.

So, to take your mind off what is happening right now in the world with the CoronaVirus, try taking a walk in nature to escape for a second. Really look at things different, take a moment to reflect and observe the wonderful world around us.

How do you Escape?

Here is a link for 8 fascinating facts about Sea Shells


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