An Apple a Day Will Keep the Doctor Away

Okay, I don’t think the old cliche’ “An Apple a Day will Keep the Doctor Away” will be possible right now with the CoronaVirus.    However, when it is time for my annual visit to the Doctor, I’m sure it will take place by video chat and not the usual face to face visit.  My Doctor will probably have me weigh myself too.  Hope he doesn’t want to see a picture from my phone of what my scale actually says I weigh, cause I’m not telling him I’ve gained weight over the stress of the events happening locally and worldwide.   Maybe, it’s not really stresses at all?  Could it be a weight gain from all the rice and beans I have stockpiled over the past month?  Good thing I bought extra toilet paper too before the pandemic began.  With all the extra fiber I’ve consumed I’m making extra bathroom trips. Whew!  TMI.   I’m glad I stocked up prior to the TP shortage or else I would be running from store to store looking for the elusive toilet paper like everyone else in the US.    All kidding aside, the pandemic of the “CoronaVirus” is attacking everyone and has changed everyone’s life around the world. The CoronaVirus doesn’t discriminate, if you are healthy, young, old, color of your skin, rich, poor or royal.  While it doesn’t treat everyone the same, there are different levels of sickness, it doesn’t care who you are or your ethnic background.

So how do you stay sane during the panic?  Create a routine to do each day, just like a schedule you have had at work or prior to the quarantine. Better yet, create a list of things you have always wanted to do, but never had time.  Here is my list of the top five!

  •  Learn Spanish (great tool for traveling)
  • Take my camera off auto focusing and enhance my photography skills
  • Learn to play the guitar (I have a Keith Urban instructional DVD)
  • Learn Tik Tok
  • Watch the sunrise every morning & sunset every evening.
  • It has been about two weeks now since I self-quarantined, practicing for the real lock down in Florida.  What have I accomplished off my list of five?

Just ONE which is a very important one I think, living in the moment.  Watching the sunrise every morning and sunset every evening.  The only reason this retiree is up at sunrise everyday now is sleeping in is hard to do.  I’m up first thing in the morning to see what new development is taking place with the CoronaVirus.  Not the best way to start my day, but once I hit the beach & see the sunrise my deeply saddened, mood improves.

How are you dealing with pandemic?  What are your survival skills?  Is your to-do list getting smaller or pushed to the wayside?


6 thoughts on “An Apple a Day Will Keep the Doctor Away

  1. It is about the same here in Louisiana. I think the thing I miss most is seeing my children and grandchildren. My daughter drove by yesterday with my two granddaughters in the car. The little one (3) wanted me to fix her Teddy bear and missed seeing me. I stood away from the car. My daughter had hung up the Teddy bear in a bag by my front gate before I came out. I am praying this will end soon so everyone can get back to a “normal” life!

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    1. So sad, brought tears to my eyes I was wondering about both of you. As hard as it is we need to Social distance. At first I was upset about the trip we couldn’t take them I realized there are more important issues right now. Here is to hoping things return to normal soon. Stay safe and healthy.

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  2. Thoughtful and up-lifting.. thanks for the post and thanks for reminding us that living in the moment and enjoying small things is VIP! To Do list: Learn Spanish!!! Great Idea! Thanks! I studied Spanish in school DECADES ago and have forgotten most everything I learned. I agree that now is a great time to homeschool myself. I also hope to use Spanish in future travels! I had to cancel/postpone a trip as my trip to Ponce, Puerto Rico is on hold due to the CoronaVirus .. airfare is now a credit and my fingers are crossed that Hilton Hotel reservations will be moved & reallocated to a later date.. not sure yet. I am thinking I will get cracking on Spanish lessons and will begin thinking about my list of ‘things I have always wanted to do but have not yet accomplished”. Enjoy the daily sunrises and sunsets on beach!

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  3. Getting bigger starting with one apple a day, light weight lifting, working out, helping the elderly with chores, learning to play the piano, reading great novellas, blogging and learning a new language.

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