Simple Life – Forced Quarantine (Finally in Florida)

My Grandmother used to say to me “Don’t you ever just sit and relax”?   Well, grandma I am finally learning to take life a little slower.  Instead of sitting on my back porch relaxing and talking with loved ones looking out over the farmland,  I’m sitting with a glass of wine watching the sunset on my balcony over the Estuary.  I’ve been forced to slow down with the quarantine and enjoy every moment I have left in this old body.

I’m sure all of us can relate how our lives have changed, daily, hourly over the past few months. While there is no consistency in the United States, we have NOT United over this Covid-19 Virus, instead total chaos, confusion and the division of political parties continues.

Here are a few things I have changed or noticed a shift in behaviors with social distancing.

  • On my journey to the grocery store I have noticed all the prepackaged cake mixes, brownies etc. are still plentiful, while flour and baking supplies are scarce.  People are finding comfort in creating and baking.
  • More meetings and social events are being held online.  I even did a virtual wine walk over Facebook last month in my hometown, New Smyrna Beach, Florida
  • People that have never cooked before are learning how, lots of tips and advice on social media.
  • Going to the grocery store has become an adventure now! While limiting my outings, I’m still on the the hunt for the elusive toilet paper and Clorox wipes.
  • Streaming channels are more popular now to avoid the scrolling of the latest news on Covid-19.  Programs like  the “Tiger King” are dominating social media around the world.
  • People are being creative with masks.  I made my mask out of a bikini top.  Just fold it in half and it even comes with straps  (pictured above)   Can’t go to the beach, so needed to find some other use for it.
  • Dogs have not learned how to social distance yet.  They still yearn to be pet by someone other than their owner out walking for their physical exercise.

One thing I’m glad is the Liquor store has been deemed an essential business in Florida.  I will continue to sip my wine at sunset, relax and enjoy the moment and not have to worry about running out.  I can even have it delivered!   The only difference, since I can’t travel and bars are not open, I can still attend all the Virtual Happy Hours.  Online, of course, around the World at different times.  Cause like Jimmy Buffet’s song  “It’s Five O Clock Somewhere” After this quarantine is over, I may need to attend AA meetings instead of WW.   So, while Grandmother is now longer with us,  I can still hear her words of wisdom ringing in my ear and I will continue to tune them out as I have done before!

Cheers!  Hoping life returns to normal soon for everyone!



How are you coping with the quarantine?   Comments below Please!

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