Are We There Yet? Sunrise & Another Day of Covid-19 Pandemic

Remember as a child riding in the backseat of the car asking your parent while on a long trip, “Are we there yet”? Now we are asking our leaders, CDC and the media “Are we there yet”? Glued to our TV sets for the next tidbit on any hope of this pandemic ending. Asking ourselves when will this Covid-19 pandemic end globally?

Are we there yet?  Who has the right answer? When will we be released back out into the World? Once we are released back into the World will this ugly virus be like the game Whack a Mole?  Will Covid-19 rear its ugly head unexpectedly, taking us by surprise and play hopscotch around the World again?   How will this pandemic affect our children growing up? Will our children continue to go outside to play on the playground with other children or will they play social games on the internet?  Our children have already lost the creativity of entertaining themselves without a screen in front of them.  Growing up as a child I spent hours outside the house playing Cowboys and Indians with neighborhood children.  Now children hardly leave their rooms or computer screens.

As a teenager, my son was helping take care of his ailing Great Grandmother and Great Grandfather.  His uncle asked him to call in their prescription refills.  He called the automated number listed on the side of the bottle to refill, but suddenly he hung up?  His uncle said “Why did you hang up”?   He replied, “A person answered”.   My son did not want to talk to a live person.  What a difference in the generations.  The older generation doesn’t want the automated system, so we press zero to talk to a human.  Will social distancing further the gap of how generations interact with each other?

When this pandemic ends, globally, how will our lives have changed?  No one knows.  So, when we ask “Are we there yet” we may not want to see how this journey ends.

*** Please feel free to leave comments below on your thoughts and feelings****  I’m hoping for more accurate testing and a cure soon, so we can get back to traveling safely again.


One thought on “Are We There Yet? Sunrise & Another Day of Covid-19 Pandemic

  1. “A person answered” LOLOLOL – even ages ago when I lived with two roommates I was our designated “spokesperson” and made any necessary phone calls to service people and coordinated anything we needed from our landlord because they both haaated talking on the phone to people. However, they were always willing to pick up my portion of the vacuuming so I feel like the trade off worked out nicely for all. 🙂

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