I’m Not Normal – Fibromyalgia

Sitting in the doctor’s office and hearing the doctor say to me “You Are Not Normal” was a real wake up call.  Whose body is normal and follows all the medical guidelines?  The only good thing he did say to me was “Listen to your Body”.  I still follow that advice today.   After many extensive blood work tests this same doctor determined I had inherited the family genetics of Rheumatoid Arthritis.  Thankfully, I was lucky to not have Lupus which he originally thought was wrong with me.   After a year of a mixture of a different cocktails of prescribed drugs my blood work was finally coming back normal without any inflammation or red flags.  This is why I asked him what was wrong, because my blood work was coming normal?  Why did I have consistent,severe pain only the left side of my body?  If someone grabbed my arm or I bumped my left leg I would have a radiating, shooting pain?  Sleeping at night on my left side was impossible, because of the pain. When pressed for a diagnosis, he finally admitted to me he determined I had fibromyalgia. Usually with fibromyalgia you have tender points and will have constant pain on both sides of the body.  I was lopsided with my pain and very hard to diagnose.  He prescribed me Celebrex and told me I could take up to 800mg of Celebrex daily for the pain.   Guess what happened when I took the prescribed drug as directed?  It was discovered during a routine exam with my primary doctor that my blood pressure was skyrocketing and I had possibly damaged my liver.  My primary doctor took me off all my medications at the time Celebrex, anti-depressants, steroids and told me to take nothing.  He ordered more blood tests, thankfully my liver had not been damaged.  Needless to say, I did not go back to that Rheumatologist.

So, being taken off all medication how did I survive the constant pain?  Strangely, the pain slowly went away on its own with a lifestyle change.   As I lost weight, exercised, practiced yoga and learned to take care of myself, my health improved.  NO drugs needed.  As I look back, I was in a vicious cycle of prescribed drugs, trying to be a good patient and too many doctor visits to cure something that has no cure.

Now as I’m entering into my sixties, I consider myself healthier than when I was entering my forties life cycle.  The one thing I learned from this experience is the importance of “Listening to Your Body” Everybody is unique and what works for one person will not work for another.  We are all learning this with the Pandemic of Corvid 19.

How will I cope with the stress of quarantine, the pandemic, so I won’t relapse?   Moderation is the key for me!

  •  On days when my body shuts down with a migraine, take a day off and stay in bed.
  • Don’t buy all the unhealthy, sugary snacks that feel good while I eat them, but  cause inflammation in my body.
  • Have my glass or two of red wine in the evening, it helps me sleep and relax.
  • Limit the time I watch the News and read about the Pandemic.
  • Keep up my exercising daily, but break it up into daily walks in the morning and night.
  • Keep a daily routine, get up in the morning put on makeup and get dressed for the day.
  • Attend my virtual WW(Weight Watchers) meetings and weigh myself weekly (daily for me)
  • Allow for days of rest from my new, normal routine and be patient with yourself!

How are you coping?  Comments below please?  Remember This Day too Shall pass!



4 thoughts on “I’m Not Normal – Fibromyalgia

  1. I’m glad you are feeling well now! I think you’re so right about all those strategies to de-stress during this pandemic. Eating healthily especially resonated with me. I need to be making better choices!

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  2. I love how you didn’t take any of that news and just give up. You kept going, and found things that made your body feel good! This is awesome! I love your tips – although; I am not getting dressed and putting makeup on each day. I’ve been pretty lazy {around my work from home teaching}. However, I am sticking to my eating goals!

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    1. Thanks. I admit though with this pandemic some days are really rough with the unknown. I just found out where my son works he’s been exposed Corvid & he’s panicking. I’m trying to comfort him from afar. As a teacher I’m sure this has been quite and adjustment for you too. I feel for the young kids today. This is really going to change their lives

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