New Normal – Quarantine – Masks

While in quarantine I had plans of getting a lot of things done on my to do list, so when we get back to normal life I can do more of the things I love.  Having time now is not an issue since I’m mostly confined to home, but I have only managed to accomplish a few things on my list of to do.  Recently, I upgraded my iPad to a newer model to read books on the plane, play games, watch videos and connect to the world while I’m traveling. Much easier to lug an iPad mini than a laptop on a trip. Anyone who knows me knows my passion is traveling and exploring new places. My trips are my time to enjoy myself, be in the moment and not have the weight of my laptop on my thighs constantly as I do at home for hours.   As my dream trip was cancelled a few days prior to leaving,  I had previously uploaded my favorite author’s books,Danielle Steel, on my iPad to catch up on during the long flight on the trip to Vietnam.  Anyone that reads Danielle Steel knows she puts out a new book approximately every three months.  I realized I was about 10 books behind, so this was one item on my list of to do while in quarantine to accomplish.   I am only behind about 2 books now, so I am getting one thing done at least!

How does reading Danielle Steel’s book “Spy” relate to quarantine?  The fictional book “Spy” takes place during the World War II era.  While I am at home feeling sorry for myself, miserable because a lot of the activities I love have been cancelled, scared to go out of the house during this pandemic, things could be worse. As I am reading the book “Spy”, I realize that while Covid-19 is not to be taken lightly, living during the World War II era was definitely a very challenging, scary time to be living in too! Asking myself while I am reading the book how would I have felt living during this era to hear the siren going off warning me of pending bombs landing?  What if I lived in Europe during World War II era?   Suddenly the new normal during these unprecedented  times had changed drastically, with bombing, massacres, genocides and starvation happening daily.  What if stepping out of my house to a siren going off and  having to take shelter in bomb shelter with lots of other people scared and crying was my new norm now?  Finally,  when the bombing ended and it was safe to do so coming out of the shelter to see the destruction bombs had left. First, looking to see if my loved ones were safe and then was my house still standing? What uncertain times these must have been for the people living during them.   Both war and viruses are evil, but viruses are an evolving medical mystery of the human body and how each person reacts differently towards it.   War is caused by humans not able to get along with each other through out history.  In this pandemic there is really no one to blame, it just happens.

So, while things are slowly getting back to normal or should we say the new normal.  I will continue to be cautious and be glad at least I can do something to protect myself both mentally and physically.

  • Continue to social distance
  • Hand washing
  • Creative masks
  • Exercise
  • yoga for stress relief
  • limit watching the news

At least stepping outside of my house a bomb won’t drop on me, and I feel at least with contracting Covid-19 and our medical advancements I have a fighting chance.

What are your thoughts or feelings?  How do you look at each situation positively?

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