Life’s U-Turn – Finding My New Norm during Covid-19

This year moving to New Smyrna Beach, my life hasn’t quite turned out the way I planned, but I’m “Slowly” adapting to my new norm.   Only one problem, I haven’t figured out what my new norm is yet or what I want to do? With these uncertain times I think everyone is trying to find their comfort zone and learn to live with the threat of Covid-19 looming.  At times I feel it may just be better to go on with my life, then other times I am afraid to bump into someone accidentally at the grocery store.

Just like in the  picture above, the Sea Turtle had a false start to lay her eggs.  She made a U-turn and headed back to the ocean.  Did she miscalculate when it was time to lay her eggs or was she making a trial run for the real event.  Similarly, did the United States not shut down soon enough and now our we re-opening too soon as the Covid-19 cases are rising?  So many unanswered questions? No one will ever know what the best solution was?  Every Country, every region has a different population and different way of dealing with Covid-19.  No one is to blame, it happened.

While in Florida we are in Phase II, but is it really safe to go back out in the World? I realize that in order for us all to survive someone has to work and sacrifice their health, but I am retired. So do I really need to go out for my entertainment, possibly spreading the virus more unknowingly?

Somethings I have learned in quarantine, and I probably won’t change anytime soon. My passion is still traveling, but not right now. So, I’m always looking for new ways to save money, eliminate time wasters and spend more time on my hobbies.  (Sweepstakes)

Here are my NEW tips for saving money and eliminating time wasters!

  • Cooking new recipes at home (saves money going out)
  • Limiting trips to the grocery store. (on average saves money & time)
  • Do I really need to pay that monthly gym membership fees? (Weight Watchers Fit On, YouTube has tons of free videos)
  • Going to the movies weekly (Saves money on expensive snacks & drinks while watching)
  • Cut the Cable bill (streaming services have so many more interesting things to watch.  Who didn’t Love/Hate The Tiger King?)

So while my life has been U-turned I’m learning to adapt, slowing down and enjoying the peacefulness before I continue on my journey to explore the world!  For now I’m being content to workout to virtual videos, travel virtually and Zoom with friends.

How has your life changed?  What things  will you not go back to doing?

2 thoughts on “Life’s U-Turn – Finding My New Norm during Covid-19

  1. Thank you for this post. While Idaho has already reached Phase 4, cases here are on the rise and I don’t see people wearing masks or social distancing when they are out and about. This makes me feel like I can’t leave my house since I am immune suppressed and visually impaired. It would be easy for me to make a mistake in social distancing since I can’t see that well and have no depth perception, and I am in that “vulnerable” category. Sometimes I feel people just think it is okay that vulnerable people stay home all the time even though we also get stir crazy and very lonely. But I love your suggestions and I am already doing some of them such as streaming tv and movies, baking and cooking, having groceries delivered, and of course working on my hobbies such as sweepstaking and writing. I also love travel, and while I had won a trip to LA in January, it was cancelled due to Covid and is not to be rescheduled which is a bummer. But right now there is so much more to worry about in the world, and I know that if it was meant to be it would have happened, so I just have to wait for my next big win after things settle down! I love your positive attitude and you give me inspiration that continuing to self-quarantine because I am vulnerable doesn’t have to be so bad!

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    1. We can use it to our advantage as sweepers. I’m working on photos and photography. I’m like the beach is across the street now so I can get out a little. We went out to eat and no one was wearing masks. We won’t go out for awhile. I think I’m going to write more sweep related things since I’m not traveling. I have one more post which I’m working on, it will be about violence so I’m taking my time. Also going to figure out how to be a guest writer. Take care. Stay safe. I hope to meet you one day. Maybe, on a trip win. 😜

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