“You are So Lucky”

If I had a dime for every time I heard “You are so Lucky”  “You Win Everything” , I wouldn’t have to work so hard to enter or win contests.  I still consider sweepstakes a hobby that I love to work at to win. What do I like to win?  I mainly enter to win trips or experiences that create lasting memories. Right now with Covid-19, many sponsors are not offering trips at this time, however, they are offering cash alternatives or they are extending trips into the future.

Here is a little insight into my history of entering sweepstakes, what got me started and some of the things I have won.

Many moons ago, before sweepstakes took over my life back in 1995, I used to cut coupons. I would meet monthly to trade coupons with several other women/mothers, trading ones that I could not use for ones that I could. During a meeting we were holding to exchange coupons, I met Natalie.  As we were exchanging coupons value for value she patted my arm saying; Honey, don’t waste your time clipping coupons, entering sweepstakes is much more rewarding.

Going home later,  I noticed in the Sunday circular a sweepstakes to win a Grand Prize for a trip to Nashville or second prize VIP New Years Eve to Sea World to see Little Texas and Lee Greenwood.   I carefully followed the rules, by using the right size envelope, 3×5 paper and filled out about ten entries.  I set them aside and almost forgot about them.  I mailed them all on the last day, not even sure if they would make it in time. About two days later I received a call from the local radio Program Director saying he was sorry I didn’t win the Grand prize, but I won front row seats to see Little Texas and Lee Greenwood. I was thrilled because I love Country Music!  What an evening that turned out to be!   Special seats, tickets to Sea World on New Years Eve, buffet and drinks by the shark tank.  I was hooked on entering more sweepstakes now.

Through the years I have been lucky enough to accomplish winning about 60 trips, a 2005 Dodge Charger, cash, cruises, computers and many gift cards!

Some of the amazing trips I won were going to Mexico, Amsterdam, Santorini, Greece, Bahamas, Cruises and too many others to list. Another favorite trip was going to Hong Kong, but that one I did not win. My friend won the trip to Hong Kong and took me!   The experiences that accompany some of the trips are as Master Card would call it, Priceless.

Several experiences that stand out were:

  • Drag racing for the title of a 1974 Porsche Carrera (didn’t win but trip was amazing)
  • Clown in the Royal Hanneford Circus
  • Racing against seven others at the Richard Petty track (my top speed 80mph, no laughing Hee Hee)
  • Playing a game of Horse with Grant Hill & Alonzo Morning
  • Experiencing what it is like to participate in Para-Olympics events and the lighting of the Olympic Torch.
  • Meeting famous artists like Alan Jackson, Keith Urban, Wynonna, Jason Aldean, Train, Little Texas.
  • Numerous Nascar related experiences – Meet n Greets
  • My son was able to participate in many basketball clinics and met many Orlando Magic players.  I’ve sat Court Side at basketball games twice
  • NCAA Final Four trip to New Orleans
  • SuperBowl tickets, but I took cash instead

These experiences were things I would never have done unless I had won that sweepstakes.

Many people say “I have never won anything in my life”, but did they take the time to enter?  I spend about 3 to 4 hours a day entering sweeps, looking for sweeps, creating pictures, dreaming up catchy ideas to make my entry stand out, and a host of other tasks.  I attend a monthly Orlando local sweeps meeting and try to attend the National Sweepstakes Convention yearly.  Attending the National Convention, I have made many friends from all over the United States from Alaska to Florida, with whom I keep contact with on social media.  I have learned how to do Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Tik Tok. I subscribe to 4 sweepstakes newsletters. Some of the sweepstakes newsletters pay people eight hours a day to search for sweeps and contests.  The newsletters give helpful tips too on how to win and what are the legitimate sweepstakes to enter.

The only downside to this hobby is at times I  need to travel quickly with short notice. I must also have a passport ready and be ready to pay taxes on the prizes you have won!

Why do sponsors run sweepstakes?  It is a form of advertisement that promotes their products.  Many products that I have won I had never used prior to winning, but now I love their product.  Not only do I use their product, but I tell everyone who I won the trip from or use their logo branded item daily.

Well do you still think I’m lucky?  Is it luck or could it be I enter consistently everyday?  Actually, I feel very fortunate to have such an incredible hobby that allows me to save money and travel more on a limited income.

Any questions, tips for me please comments below.

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