Reflections of 2020

Many years from now when I look back on 2020, as I am sitting in my rocking chair, how will I remember this year? Will it even be a year I want to remember? Are my golden years slipping away? One thing I have learned this year is to appreciate waking to the sun rising every morning, being thankful for what I have and the simple things in life. Life can change suddenly, as we have learned this year, not to take the freedom of traveling for granted or anything else.

My passion, purpose after retiring was to travel, but with the pandemic everything was put on hold for awhile. Luckily, before the pandemic hit we were able to move to New Smyrna Beach, Florida. Prior to moving did I think this would be a year I would spend so much time at home? While being stuck at home, I feel very fortunate to live in such a beautiful area with the Atlantic Ocean less than 1,000 feet from my door step. I have the best of both worlds, amazing sunrises over the Atlantic Ocean and the view from my condo has spectacular sunsets over the estuary every evening. So now, instead of rushing to the airport to catch an early flight to my travel destination , I have replaced my morning rush hours by leisurely getting up before sunrise to walk on the beach. Every morning I am rewarded with peaceful, quietude before the tourists arrive to take over the beach. My goal, inspiration to get up “EARLY” every morning, consistently, is hoping to catch a glimpse of new life emerging from the sea turtle nests. With the emerging new life signifies hope of the future. I’ve been told by the Marine biologist volunteers, who scan the beach every morning, it is very rare to see the baby sea turtles emerge from nests. The sea turtles love to hatch, mostly, in the middle of the night and when the tide is high. Some of the volunteers have been walking the beach for over seven years and have only seen the hatch-lings twice. So, in the meantime I will enjoy my daily sunrise walk, keeping myself healthy for future travel and being rewarded with the glow of the reflecting light of the sun rising over the ocean.

Look below to see how fast the sunrise changes in an instant. These pictures were only taken 15 minutes apart. This is how fast your life can change in an instant too.

I guess while my life has changed, drastically, I am adjusting, slowly, to my new normal. After all there is no place like staying “HOME” Not sure I am really looking forward to what 2021 will bring? Trying to remain positive that a cure, vaccine for the pandemic will be found soon. Stay Safe! Wash your hands and wear those masks! Soon, those that have a wandering spirit will be able to roam the earth again and continue onward with our adventures.

How are you coping without traveling? Remaining positive? What advances has your Country made that we need to learn in the United States? Any comments or advice below with your coping skills!

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