Good bye 2020/hello 2021 with new normal

What a year 2020 has turned out to be? Two things I’m very passionate about are traveling & live music, both have been almost non existent this year due to the pandemic caused by the Corona Virus. Part of me feels like a year of my life has been lost, but I have found another side to me that I didn’t know existed too. What is the other side of me? I really have not totally discovered yet, but I’m adapting reluctantly and accepting this new normal. Confusing, yes, but so has the year 2020 been unprecedented.

Feeling a little depressed with nothing to look forward too, my significant other heard about a vertical concert on New Year’s Eve being held at the Hilton in Daytona. Wanting to cheer me up he decided to purchase the package for me to celebrate my birthday. The headliners were Tyler Farr and Lee Brice putting on an actual live concert in front of us! The concert was presented by adapting to the new norm, a vertical concert, watched from the safety of your balcony in your own oceanfront hotel room. The package he purchased included a room at the Hilton on Daytona Beach, the socially distanced concert, champagne, vodka, mixers, appetizers and dessert. The package deal was for (4) people, so we invited two friends along to share our evening with who have really not strayed far from home, so we felt safe with them.

Vivid Sky Vertical, the Gainesville concert production company presented the vertical concert event and it was held at the Hilton. I thought they both did an excellent job for a new type concert event. These vertical concerts may become the new normal in 2021 and in the future.

Being an avid concert goer, here is my negative view of the event

  • Missing the energy of the crowd, because we were socially distanced in our rooms
  • Sing along with the artist’s song just doesn’t work when they turn it over to the crowd
  • I love to mingle in the crowd, slowly work my way towards the front to get a better view
  • Hard to take really good pictures (especially when two palm trees were in front of stage)
  • Cost is a little more expensive, because of the room

Ending with my positive view about the event:

  • While hanging out my balcony I did feel some drops of alcohol dropping on me, but it is better than getting soaked with beer or alcohol at other concerts. Someone at live concerts always spills their beer either on me or on the ground so I get sticky feet
  • The sound was awesome & so clear even if we were further away
  • We felt totally safe from the virus, past concerts sometimes concert goers were hurt from shootings, being trampled on etc.
  • We could drink all we want and not have to have a designated driver, and just crash in our hotel room
  • No traffic or a herd of people pushing their way out to leave at the end of the concert.

Over all, ending the year and beginning the New Year with traveling & live music was an awesome way to end a boring, awful year. Besides, tradition says what you are doing at midnight is what you will be doing in the new year. Fingers crossed. 🤞 Everyone around the world will be able to mingle, travel, hug, kiss, see loved ones and live a normal life again very soon.

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