WW (formerly weight Watchers) really works

Wow!!! Where has time gone. The photo in 2012 was taken at an all inclusive resort in Cancun, Mexico. Having no restraints, I couldn’t make up my mind on which dessert to choose, so I skipped lunch and ate one of every dessert at the buffet. Not to mention all the sugary, alcoholic drinks I consumed afterwards. Just thinking about it today makes me cringe, because eating even one dessert today leaves a sugary taste in my mouth. Looking back at the 2012 photo I thought I looked really good until I looked at the picture later. I can gain ten pounds in one week, but with a slower metabolism now (age related) it will take three months to lose the weight. I’m sure that weekend I put on another twenty pounds easily. Thinking back not just on how I looked in the picture, but my health, flexibility and overall mindset has really changed with WW. Not only were medical labs cholesterol laden, my hips hurt to walk and basically did not feel good about myself before WW. Putting myself on a calorie counting diet I lost about twenty-five pounds on my own, but continued to yo-yo diet. I would lose ten pounds, then regain them over the Holidays or trips.

Not until I found WW did I become aware it is not a diet, but a lifestyle change. I lost twenty-three pounds with WW and have kept the bulk of it off until this year. Moving right before the pandemic happened, I cancelled my gym membership and started to search for a new gym. Finding a new gym never happened with the closing all the gyms during pandemic and now daily fear of Covid . The gyms have reopened, but I am still weighing the benefits of going into an enclosed area to exercise versus the risk of contacting Covid.

During the pandemic WW did a wonderful job with virtual workshops, free months on their app, and now safe workshops in person. I feel perfectly safe attending the in person WW workshops and I need this to motivate me reach my goal weight again. I’m only about five pounds from my lifetime goal, but I can still feel & see a difference working out in a gym makes. My motivation now is once I reach goal again, WW is free. I’ve got this!

During the pandemic I discovered a beautiful place to practice yoga safely, outside in our neighborhood. We have two options Riverside yoga or beach yoga. Riverside yoga (pics below) comes completes with dolphins frolicking and beautiful scenery. The only problem with outside exercising is the weather. Too cold or rain will cancel the scheduled yoga.

I never thought I would hear myself say this: “I MISS THE GYM” Actually, I think, I miss the people connection and energy in the room while a group of people are sweating together. Afterwards, I feel an euphoric high that lasts the entire day and helps me make healthy eating choices. In the meantime, while we are so close to a vaccine, I will keep on the path I am going to WW and motivating myself to workout as much as possible either outside yoga classes or with WW Fiton online. WW has over 150 different videos included with my membership that are various types of exercise and level of ease.

How are you choosing to stay mentally & physically fit during this pandemic? I’m open to any suggestions below?

Take care everyone, stay safe!

Below is a link to join WW. It is a program that works and can work even if you do not exercise


Riverside Park Yoga link https://www.facebook.com/Riverside-Park-Yoga-NSB-2546269332091359

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