Against Doctors orders I joined the gym

First time ever I have heard a doctor’s office not wanting you to go to the gym, but I outweighed the fact that I am gaining weight, depressed and bored over catching the nasty covid virus. Mind you this is the same doctor who told me the last time I reached my WW (Weight Watchers) goal that I was looking too puny? Then, I had a long way to go before I would be considered anorexia, as I was only had the very top of the females approved weight scale. About ten years ago, when I was fifty pounds heavier he put me on blood pressure medicine and never reduced it when I lost weight. I’ve cut the dosage in half and I never seem to have a blood pressure any other doctor I visit. Guess I just get nervous in his office?

Already I feel I have made the right choice of going back to the gym! My mood has improved considerably, I’m losing a lot of puffiness and overall feel better. About three months ago I lost my balance and fell against a metal rack in the store. The final diagnosis was a bone bruise, and will take about another three months or so to heal. At the gym there are a lot of things I can exercise or do, until I totally heal. I’m able to work on lifting weights with my upper body, the elliptical doesn’t bother my hip area and I forget I have an injury doing Zumba (it’s so much fun)

The gym I joined, Nautilus by the Sea, is extra clean. They check your temperature walking through the door, hand sanitizer is used prior to entering, a bottle of sanitizer to use on the machines before & after use, and all the classes have social distancing. Masks are worn by the staff consistently, the patrons (sometimes) and everyone is making an effort in the gym to keep us all safe. I wear my mask upon entering, moving around from weight machine to machine, but take it off when I am on a cardio machine that is 6 ft away.

I know the risks, but the benefits are outweighing the risks and I feel we have to get back to some sense of normalcy. Yes, I take Covid seriously, but I feel Covid is going to be around for awhile. I’m planning to live to 100 years, so I want to be able to move around and leave the rocking chair for others!

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