Feeling a bit normal, attending sporting event

Some days it feels like a race to the finish line while we are waiting on getting the vaccine. While the vaccine is not a cure all, and approximately a third of the US population will not trust science enough to get the vaccine, life will not return to some sense of normalcy until the vaccine becomes widespread.

It has been over a year since this nasty virus has taken over the world, halted many of our favorite activities, and made us afraid of mankind. Meanwhile, while I’m too young to receive the vaccine in our State yet, we did venture out to go the Nascar Infinity Race being held at the Daytona International Speedway. It’s hard to believe I felt really excited to bundle up with the unusual cold Florida temps, sit for over two hours in the grandstand, and watch the cars whirl by. Life has changed a lot. It’s been over a week, so I feel we have escaped catching the virus too.

I must say the Daytona International Speedway did an excellent job social distancing and I would feel safe attending another race even with Covid still present.

Things I noticed they did to maintain social distance:

  • Sold seats socially distanced & only sold a selected number of tickets
  • Staggered entry by seat section
  • Took our temperature upon entering
  • Gave us a bottle of hand sanitizer
  • Had people walking around with social distance signs to remind us
  • The funniest one was the social distanced bathrooms (pic below & will explain more in next paragraph)
Socially distanced bathrooms, ladies room

As you can see above every other bathroom was marked with a red x to not enter, I think, the doors were locked. In the men’s bathroom the urinals were marked too with a red X to maintain social distance. Being female, I did not go in the men’s bathroom, but my significant other said they had such a long line for the men’s urinals they just either ignored the signs or it was too late by the time they noticed.

Masks do Keep your face warm on a cold, Florida Day!

Overall, we had a great time and would feel very comfortable going to the Nascar races again! While I feel it has been a race to get the vaccines out to the world, as soon as we can we will get the vaccine and what ever boosters necessary. I’m sure at some point the vaccines will be required to travel, attend sporting events and to return to some sense of normalcy. While waiting, we will continue to be as careful as we can, try to remain virus free and finish the race in one piece. I’m envisioning seeing the Finish line soon!

Stay Safe, Social Distance, Sanitize and Soon it will be a distant memory in our rear-view mirror.

Where have you ventured out too since the pandemic? How did you feel and keep yourself safe?

2 thoughts on “Feeling a bit normal, attending sporting event

  1. It’s striking to observe the difference in restrictions and responses to this pandemic. I recently saw some photos of an indoor water park in New Jersey that has been open at full capacity. Meanwhile in my city, we still can’t dine indoors and all large gathering events have been cancelled until at least July. 😦

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