Life hands you lemons, play at casino gambling

When life hands you lemons, keep pulling the lever, like my statue says! Watching many advertisements on Tv, I decided to take a gamble on having fun at the Hard Rock Casino in Tampa. Being in the confines of a dark casino, with no clock, mesmerized by the slot machine whirling around and hoping to hit the big ONE it is a great way to forget you have been confined to home for so long. While I’m not the biggest gambler, the Seminole Indians appreciate my donation when I visit. The Hard Rock Casino is owned by the Seminole Indians Tribe of Florida and do not have to follow a lot of Florida’s restrictions on gambling.

Cancelling my trip to Reno to see my son last year was heartbreaking, but Expedia was kind enough to honor my $500 vacation credit. So, hmm, where should I go in Florida. Since we are polluted Floridians, and have not always been following the CDC guidelines completely for Coronavirus I was afraid I couldn’t leave our State. Other States have banned us or require us to quarantine if we visit their State at times when our Covid infection rates are booming. So, I decided a safe bet would be to spend my two nights at the Hard Rock Casino in Tampa and visit a friend at the same time.

After, one visit & donation, the casino keeps in inviting me back for a complimentary two-night vacation. It’s the vacation that keeps on giving or do I keep on donating? Actually, I am not that big of a loser or winner so it’s a mini vacation for me that I feel fairly safe. The casino has mandatory mask requirements. I actually got reprimanded while drinking my coffee early one morning with no one around except the security guard who came out of nowhere to advise me. He said, I was only able to drink or smoke while sitting at the machines, not walking the perimeter. Social distance signs are everywhere, hand sanitizer, some machines shut down and plexiglass between others, making an illusion of being safe. The room they have given me every time is completely sanitized, sealed after cleaning and no one enters to clean while you are staying there. If you need additional coffee or bath items, they will leave them outside the door. While visiting I have brought my own wine and a small cooler with some food, this saves money to gamble a little more. The room has a small fridge to keep my food I brought or leftovers from take out cold. Mainly, I have eaten lunch or dinner outside by the pool bar and try maintain distance from everyone. Overall, I feel under the circumstances the casino has done an excellent job protecting their guests and workers.

I have been three times now since the pandemic began and so far, knock on wood, I have remained safe and Covid free. I did get my first Pfizer vaccine, so once that kicks in, I will still practice safe procedures, but feel a little safer venturing out more.

What risks have you taken while avoiding the nasty virus, but continue to live & enjoy life as much as possible?

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