my experience with getting the vaccine

Not wanting to waste any time or taking a chance of getting the nasty covid virus, I booked my appointment to get the vaccine as soon as the State of Florida allowed me too! Every State in the United States has had different requirements of eligibility for the vaccine. Nothing has been uniform in the United States since the beginning of the pandemic, with every State have different lock-down rules and different rules with even trying to stop the spread of the virus. While the State of Florida hasn’t done the greatest job of containing the virus, I must say we did a better job getting the shots into the arms of the people who want a vaccine. Unfortunately, many people in the United States do not feel the virus is real, it is just a nasty flu, and why take the chance of getting a harmful, experimental vaccine? Some people even believe getting the vaccine will change your DNA or they will put a chip inside the vaccine to track your every move. A lot of bad information is floating around, besides if you are carrying a phone you don’t need a chip in you. Your every move is being tracked by having a smart phone on you.

Below is my personal experience with getting the two-dose Pfizer vaccine


  • Slightly tired for a day
  • A little nausea, settled by drinking Ginger Ale
  • Very sore in my right arm (I’m right handed, so felt moving my arm more would help)


  • No Soreness in right arm at all?
  • After 24 hrs. very tired, felt like fibromyalgia or fibro fog for two days
  • Slightly chilled at times, but no real fever
  • No nausea or other symptoms

Overall, I am very fortunate to have been able to get the vaccine this quickly and with very little side effects. It is a relief to be able to go out without fear of getting this nasty virus, and ending up in the hospital or dying. While the Pfizer vaccine has not been tested in the long run, I will still continue to wear my mask, social distance as much as possible and use my hand sanitizer. It is just a relief to feel we are going to conquer this thing. I’m dreaming of traveling again, Internationally without restrictions and interacting with people whom I meet on my journey. Where did I go after getting my vaccine? To Universal Studios – Let the Adventure Begin

Please feel free to place your comments below telling me how you feel about the different vaccines, your reactions and where your Country is at with the Vaccines or lock-downs?

**** The writing above is my own personal experience, your experience with the vaccine maybe totally different. We are all unique in our body chemistry and journey through life. I am not in the medical field or scientist *****

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