My dream trip to the airport

Every morning I have been waking up feeling extremely tired, almost like I have jet lag? Sitting up in my bed I realize I’m not at the airport, but in my own bed at home instead. All night long in my dreams I have been lugging a suitcase, filled with way too many clothes I will never wear on vacation, on my way to the airport for my trip. Every trip I take I tell myself next time I will pack less, so when I get home I won’t have so many clean, dirty clothes to do in the laundry. I never heed or listen to my self-talk.

In my dreams lately, I’ve had to get up before the sunrise to catch a flight. Double checking to make sure I turn off everything at the condo before leaving, packing my luggage in the car and then rushing off to the airport through the traffic to catch my flight. Once, at the airport I push my luggage to the check in counter to have it weighed, hoping I don’t have to take some out, so I don’t have to pay the extra fees for overweight luggage. Yes, I realize I could solve the problem with a luggage weight scale, but that would take all the fun out of it! Next, off to the security line. While I have purchased Global Entry and TSA precheck many times those precheck lines are longer, the only difference is I don’t have to take off my shoes, unpack laptops, but all subject to change at each airport or new rules. What ever the security person says I need to take off, within reason, I do. Funny story a long time ago, when security told my Dad to take off his belt. He told them his pants would fall down, but they made him do it anyway. So, off went the belt and down his pants went exposing his boxers. After that he started wearing sweat pants, with no belt and security started letting Seniors leave their belts & shoes on.

After security check in, my next line is Starbucks for much needed caffeine before boarding the plane in a few hours. My luggage is checked, but I always have a small carry on bag I can prop my feet on while I wait for my flight and drink my coffee. Now it is boarding time. We know when it is getting close to boarding time, because everyone starts to gather their things & line up before their section is called. We will all get on the plane in time, so why hurry to sit there before we take off on the plane for another twenty minutes or so. Life at the airport is all hurry up & wait.

Now comes the disappointing part, I’ve done all the planning of the vacation, all the preparation work of packing, hurrying, waiting in line, but I wake up before I reach my final destination in my dreams. I never leave the airport and every dream the past several nights ends the same me sitting on the plane on the runway. Dreams all have meanings, they say. My only interpretation of these dreams is how many trips in the past year I had planned, dreamed of going, booked and re-booked several times. Tonight, maybe, I will take-off and arrive at my dream destination!

How do you interpret my dreams? Have you had any weird dreams lately with our new normal?

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